2014 MaxForm Life Challenge

DECEMBER 1st is the official start date of the 2014 MaxForm Life Challenge. I’m very excited to see who the next winner of the $25,000 grand prize is going to be, but I’m even more excited to see all the amazing results and lives that will be transformed this year as a result of the MaxForm Life Challenge.

For more than a decade, the MaxForm Life Challenge has been motivating people to get into the best shape of their lives. We know that the hardest part of the entire process is getting started and that’s why we created this contest. It doesn’t matter how great our Max Muscle products are or how much education and services our Certified Fitness Nutrition Coaches (CFNCs) provide if you don’t make that decision to make a positive and lasting change.

This is where the contest comes in. Everyone needs that motivation, that incentive to get started, and the MaxForm Life Challenge provides these. In addition to the possibility of winning the $25,000 grand prize, there are so many additional benefits from entering the contest.

For starters, you will have a CFNC there to guide you along your journey every step of the way, providing the correct information and educating you on the proper and most effective way to get in your best shape ever. Additionally, you’ll become a member of the MyMaxMuscle.com online community, which has grown to more than 26,000 members strong. These are all like-minded individuals who share your passion and desire to be better. They will be your online support group; sharing their struggles, challenges and joys each and every day to get you through the difficult days and congratulate you on your successes.

The contest name and logo for the MaxForm contest was given a face lift this year in an effort to help us reach out to a wider audience. There are so many people out there today struggling with their weight and going about losing it the wrong way. Unlike other body transformation contests or weight loss promotions, Max Muscle provides a personal coach that will be there to guide you to reaching your goals.

If you are unhappy with how you look today or not satisfied with where you are in life, I encourage you to enter the 2014 MaxForm Life Challenge today. Simply go to MyMaxMuscle.com right now. It’s free to sign up and this year’s contestants will get a cool new MaxForm Life Challenge T-shirt* that you can proudly wear during your journey.

So to everyone who wants to get in the best shape of your life, do yourself a favor and enter the MaxForm Life Challenge contest and let me be the first one to wish you the best of luck and encouragement. I look forward to possibly awarding you the $25,000 grand prize!

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