Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Celebrates 20 Years!

2011 marks the twentieth year Max Muscle Sports Nutrition has been in business. We’re not much for tooting our own horn around here but it’s pretty special to know that we have helped so many Max Muscle customers over the years improve their lives with quality nutritional products, programs like the MaxForm Life Challenge and services like the Max Muscle Customized Nutrition Planning by Certified Fitness Nutrition Coaches™. This is our passion and in an industry where we’ve seen hundreds of companies come and go, Max Muscle’s longevity should make our customers feel confident that they are getting the very best when they shop at Max Muscle.

Max Achievement Awards Gaining Momentum
After awarding $1000 cash to the Best Abs in America winner Angelo Garcia and the Best Glutes in America winner Kristina Casazza, Max Muscle is currently looking for the Best Back in America. By the time you read this you now know that Laurel Darren has the Best Legs in America. Now in addition to the popular vote, Max Muscle franchisees from across the country as well as a panel of judges in the fitness industry will be voting for their favorites. This summer we are going to be looking for the Best Beach Body so if you think you have what it takes or you know someone that’s in great shape, encourage them to sign up at for the chance to win $1000 in cash and appear on the cover of Max Sports & Fitness Magazine.

Max Muscle Max Achievement Awards
If you’re a certified personal trainer or you’re looking for a qualified personal trainer then check out Max Muscle has created a site to host a network of certified personal trainers across the country that warrant Max Muscle Sports Nutrition’s seal of approval. These trainers understand the importance of nutrition in getting their clients results. Working with Max Muscle, our Certified Fitness Nutrition Coaches™ will conduct free nutritional evaluations for your clients as well as provide great savings on all Max Muscle products at the store.

Max Muscle Frequent Buyer & VIP/Referral Program
If you’re a loyal Max Muscle customer you should already be taking advantage of the Max Muscle Frequent Buyer Program, if you’re not, be sure to ask your Max Muscle Team Member at the store about it. You earn points with every purchase that are redeemable for Free Max Muscle products. In addition to the Frequent Buyer Program, Max Muscle also has a VIP/Referral Program that awards you with additional points that can be redeemed for free Max Muscle products just for referring your friends, family or associates. Ask a Team Member at the store about it on your next visit and start getting your Max Muscle products for free!

Tell Max Muscle
Remember you have a chance to win $250 in Max Muscle products each month for going to and telling us about your experience at a Max Muscle store so take a few minutes today and tell us what you think. Even if you don’t win the $250, you’ll get money saving coupons good for your very next visit.

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