Concentrated? Read this!

Don’t be misled by the “concentrated” and “ultra-concentrated” pre-workout hype that “less is more.” Instead, understand that these types of products only deliver a small serving of powder loaded with stimulants that will amp you up, but do nothing more in terms of providing a pump or helping you build muscle. Besides, it’s impossible to deliver effective doses of any one ingredient when a concentrated product’s serving size is only 5.5 g to 8 g.

The ideal pre-workout product should contain ingredients that improve exercise performance and facilitate post-exercise recovery. Ingredients should be supported by published scientific studies and delivered at efficacious doses. Max Muscle’s Full Blown Extreme (FBX) is a science-based, comprehensive pre-workout formula that contains bioactive ingredients in efficacious doses. FBX delivers these key ingredients to support energy, strength, power and stamina and help you get the best workout and results.

FBX has only the finest ingredients to help you achieve your fitness goals. For acute exercise performance, FBX contains maltodextrin and dextrose (glucose) to maintain blood glucose and provide energy to fuel muscles during your workout.

FBX provides a complete array of electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium that supports critical water/mineral balance and exercise performance. Glutamine, which is the most abundant amino acid in muscles and frequently depleted due to overtraining, is also included. Glutamine helps repair heavily trained muscles, boost immune function and supports the natural production of growth hormone.

Beta-alanine, another ingredient in FBX, promotes carnosine synthesis in muscles. Carnosine is the most powerful intracellular buffer and functions to neutralize the accumulation of hydrogen ions released from lactic acid commonly produced during high intensity exercise. For enhanced blood flow, nutrient delivery and nitric oxide (NO) stimulation, FBX provides arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, citrulline and vinpocetine. Both creatine monohydrate and patented Kre-Alkalyn® are included to help enhance strength through their ATP-energy boosting and cell-volumizing effects. Finally, for mental focus and alertness, FBX contains caffeine, guarana, Panax ginseng, octopamine, adenosine, NADH and phosphatidyl serine.

All of these key ingredients are delivered in the proper efficacious dosages in a single serving of FBX to ensure that you are taking a pre-workout supplement that actually does what it’s supposed to, as compared to the concentrates that offer nothing more than stimulants or perceived energy.

Head to your local Max Muscle store today and try a free sample before your next workout and FEEL the difference!

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